Mizuki Capital

Mizuki Capital and The Collective Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Mizuki Capital and The Collective are now official partners. This strategic partnership is a part of our planned development as a group. Through the collaboration, Mizuki Capital and The Collective will be able to provide venture funding, strategic marketing, and crypto advisory to more crypto-related projects. Moreover, we will ensure the stable functioning of our partners.

The Collective

The Collective assists companies in any stage of development to fulfill their short-term and long-term goals. Through their broad community development expertise and experience, the company provides various services to projects in exchange for their native cryptocurrency:

  • Full marketing including all social media handles
  • Community Management coverage 24/7/365
  • Tailored turn-key solutions
  • Full cryptocurrency project advisory
  • SEO support
  • Influencer onramp
  • Business support/guidance
  • IDO/ILO launch support
  • Token liquidity services

In a nutshell, The Collective covers everything regarding the launch of a crypto project.

Additionally, The Collective is able to offer their clients free listing on their native DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Besides, our partners will also provide liquidity for trading their client’s native coins. In February, The Collective launched their token CO2 as their DEXs native cryptocurrency. An interesting thing about CO2 is that if their clients pay for their services with it, they immediately receive a 50% discount.

The CoinRushGo Game

In addition to the core business, The Collective is developing a game called CoinRushGo. It is their self-funded “augmented reality video game” from The Collective’s video game division (yes, they have a video game division). The game’s earning system is a simple and effective one. Clients pay for in-game advertising with CO2 and players find their tokens while playing. A great example is when a company wants to raise awareness of its native crypto. CoinRushGo then features their coins in form of rewards for gamers. A player that finds the token will be able to read a short description of the token and find links to the advertiser’s social media.

For all these reasons (and many others), we are looking forward to working with this amazing organization. To see how this new business relationship progresses, follow Mizuki Capital and The Collective social media channels via the links below.