Mizuki Capital

Business Presentation – Mizuki Capital (V1.1)

Mizuki Capital published the first version of our business presentation. On 7 pages, we describe what our group does and what can our partners expect from us. This core document, designed by our internal design experts, is produced for two purposes. The first is to introduce our group to the community.

The Community

The community is one of the vital parts of every crypto-related business as it spreads the word about our work. Moreover, it acts as a form of a control mechanism that tells us about how we can improve our business. Therefore, we are keen on establishing a tight connection with people from the crypto space in order to share ideas and mutually benefit from that connection. That’s why we also launched the official Mizuki Capital Twitter and LinkedIn to spur on the engagement.

Another purpose of the business presentation is to encourage potential partners to reach out to us with business propositions.


Mizuki Capital’s business presentation describes what we are willing to offer to our potential partners, which includes:

  • Seed investments
  • Private Investments
  • Crypto market advice
  • Marketing
  • Equity investments

Because of this flexibility and modern approach, we differentiate our group from other VCs in the crypto market. Mizuki Capital is well equipped to take our partners to the next level through broad expertise, systematic planning, and flawless execution. Therefore, we are happy to evaluate all propositions that come our way. Our team will put each of them into consideration and respond within the shortest possible time frame.

Everyone interested can view and download the Mizuki Capital business presentation by clicking the button below.


All potential partners can reach out to us through our Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, feel free to send us a message via the contact form below or on the homepage of the website.